High Temperature Resistant Textiles for Automotive Applications

SIGMA.TEX products are used in cars mainly to protect sensitive electronic components and fuel lines from high temperatures. In most cases, foil-laminated glass fabrics meet the new, stricter requirements very well. They are converted by our customers into die cut parts or sleeves with or without snap fasteners, also as Velcro or adhesive systems, to comply with specifications and technical requirements.

Foil Products

Glass fabrics from SIGMA.TEX are laminated with various types of foil and, if requested, finished on the back with polymer coatings (polyurethane, acrylate or silicone) in various colours according to customer specifications. The basic widths are 104 and 154 cm.

Coated glass fabric

Filament fabric 100 to 660 gsm 0.15 to 0.6 mm
Textured fabric 300 to 1000 gsm 0.4 to 1.5 mm
Silica glass fabric 600 to 1100 gsm 0.4 to 1.2 m


ALPET: PET foils 10 to 18 µm thick with vapour-deposited aluminium on both sides

ALFOL: aluminium foils 12 to 20 µm thick

LPAF: composite foils 10 to 18 µm thick consisting of ALPET and ALFOL

Carbon Non-Wovens

SIGMA.TEX carbon non-wovens are made from oxidised PAN fibres and only mechanically bonded. They are optionally available with foil lamination. They provide an additional insulating effect and, like glass fabric, are non-flammable.

Custom Fabrication and Other Finishes

All of our technical textiles for automotive applications can be custom fabricated to meet your specifications. Our portfolio is rounded up by cut-to-measure tapes and die cut sections based on drawings that you submit. Self-adhesive backing can be applied to any base material as transfer adhesive with release film or directly applied hot melt adhesive with excellent properties.

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