Welding Protection

SIGMA.TEX offers a range of high temperature resistant, non-flammable textiles for protecting against flying sparks and molten metal splatter during welding work. They are available in rolls or as custom-fabricated blankets, curtains and pads to meet your particular requirements. In addition to various glass fabrics with special finishes, we also supply non-flammable carbon non-wovens.

Coated E-Glass Fabrics

Glass fabrics from SIGMA.TEX are coated on one or both sides with polyurethane and withstand temperatures up to about 550°C. They are mainly used to protect surfaces from flying sparks. These products are also the basis for making welding curtains.

When the ability to resist even higher temperatures is required, glass fabrics can be specially finished in various ways to briefly withstand temperatures between 750°C and 1200°C. In every case, our glass fabrics ensure excellent protection from flying sparks and molten metal splatter during welding

Silica Glass Fabrics

SIGMA.TEX offers silica glass fabrics about 92 cm wide. These fabrics are designed for continuous use at extreme temperatures up to about 1100°C and are therefore ideal for welding with ethylene gas, providing excellent protection against flying sparks and molten metal splatter. Silica glass fabrics are also available in coated versions, eg with vermiculite for greater abrasion resistance or polyurethane for improved handling.

Carbon Non-Wovens

SIGMA.TEX carbon non-wovens are made of oxidised PAN fibre and reinforced with glass fabric. They are very versatile materials and ideal for a wide range of applications, for instance as non-flammable welding blankets to protect against molten metal splatter, as insulating pads for covering cooling weld seams or as soldering mats.

NEW: An anti-slip coating on the back permits use on smooth surfaces and stairs. Available in widths of 100 cm and 200 cm.

Custom-Fabricated Blankets, Curtains and Pads

All of our technical textiles for welding protection can be custom-tailored based on your specifications. We stock them as curtains, pads and blankets in a number of standard sizes, but will also produce bespoke versions as wished.

Available sizes:

  • Rolls 100 to 200 cm wide
  • Stitched blanket 100 x 100 cm
  • Stitched blanket 100 x 200 cm
  • Stitched blanket 200 x 200 cm
  • Stitched blanket in any specified size
  • Stitched curtain with eyes in any specified size

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